AOE Library

A directory of useful information and tools for Age of Empires 2

AoE2 Calculator

Compare unit stats and see who wins in a fight


CaptureAge is a tool for analyzing and observing Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition, providing additional features like more zoom, reverse replay, instant timeline jumping and statistics.


DE Replays Manager

Manage Age of Empires 2 Definitive Replays & Downgrade or Upgrade to any version


AOE2 Pro Player - known as The Lord


High level player with uploads of streams.


MembTV is one of the most veteran Twitch streamers in the Age of Empires community. Casts of pro games and tournaments


Age of Empires 2 Tournament Commentator, Tournament Organizer and high level player

Random Rating Match Retriever

Find games with a random elo


Having fun climbing the AOE2DE 1v1 RM ladder! 28 year old Canadian from the west coast. Playing at 1900+ 1v1 RM level. Coaching streams and high level AOE



Caster & Live streamer. Videos with low elo and high level players alike.


Soy Roberto, o más conocido como TaToH, y soy jugador profesional de Age of Empires II. Ahora mismo formo parte de Gamer Legion junto a DauT, TheViper, Nili, Slam y JorDan.

Unit Production Calculator

Calculate the number of villagers on each resource needed to sustain production

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